While I was initially a bit aprehensive at the classroom like setting for the last Tokyo Rubyist Meetup, thanks to all the great people who attended, we were able to turn it into a lively event. Anchoring the night were presentations about Heroku and Travis CI.

First up was Ayumu Aizawa, who gave a talk about Heroku’s latest and greatest features.

For me, the most interesting part was the question and answer session (starting at about 17:20), where among other things, he described how he got hired by Heroku. Basically, it boiled down to that he just asked if Heroku needed an evangelist in Japan. This is a great lesson for developers everywhere: if there’s a job you want to do, don’t let the lack of an advertised position stop you. Conversely, the lack of other applicants will make you all the more likely to get it.

Next up was Randy Morgan, who introduced Travis CI and talked about how he got involved with the project.

As I was telling Randy later, I think Travis CI has the potential to be as revolutionary for developers as GitHub or Heroku, so check it out if you haven’t yet.

Thanks to RedHat for providing the venue, and nekop for helping to get everything set up.

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