The first pair programming event of Tokyo Rubyist Meetup went event better than I expected it to. The event was hosted at HatchUp’s TechBuzz space, and started with an introduction to pair programming by Johnny Mukai, where he talked about how Pivotal Labs does pair programming, and answered questions about how pair programming works.

After Johnny’s introduction, I assigned teams and then revealed the first programming challenge. Immediately, people began working together to solve the problem, and as the video below shows, the atmosphere was very lively.

Tokyo Rubyist Meetup originally set out to bridge the gap between the international and Japanese Ruby communities. From this perspective, the event was the most successful one yet, as by pairing Japanese and international people, it gave people who would not normally communicate with each other an opportunity to do so.

Based on the success of this event, I plan to hold another one. Join Tokyo Rubyist Meetup to get a notification about the next one.

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