Update (November 8th, 2019): Juanito Fatas has pointed out to me this bug has now been fixed.

Safari 12.1.1 has a strange issue with certain ruby tags. Specifically, something like


which renders as


If you control click on the above, and then click somewhere else on the page, Safari crashes with “This webpage was reloaded because a problem appeared.”

We use the ruby tag in Doorkeeper for showing the reading of event participant names, as in Japanese, it can be non-obvious how to read the kanji. However, due to this bug, it appears that clicking on event participants names now causes Safari to crash under certain circumstances, making it a more serious issue then it might first appear to be.

I tried reporting it via the only Safari feedback form I could find, but I doubt that it gets much attention, so I’d love it if someone knows a better way of reporting issues like this.

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