More Japanese companies than ever are looking to hire international developers. Thus far, I’ve been sending emails whenever a new position opens, but this has gotten to the point where I’d need to send multiple emails some days to keep up.

To avoid polluting your inbox, I’m trying an experiment where I’ll send a weekly summary of newly opened positions instead. If you have strong feelings about this either way, please let me know what you think.

- Paul

Newly opened positions

These positions require no Japanese abilities, and unless otherwise noted, are open to people overseas looking to relocate to Japan.

Givery - Frontend Engineer
Use Vue.js, TypeScript, Nuxt, and Composition API to extend their coding contest platform.

Givery - Backend Engineer
Use Node.js, TypeScript, NestJS, PostgreSQL, and Jest to build their coding contest platform.

Japan Computer Vision - Senior Site Reliability Engineer
Architect the infra to support their customers that use thousands of IoT devices connected to their SaaS cloud.

Japan Computer Vision - Quality Engineering Manager
Build and lead a QE/QA team that oversees testing across their stack, including web clients, mobile apps, external integrations, and server infra.

Spider Labs - R&D Engineer
Medium to long term R&D to ensure their ad fraud countermeasure tool stays relevant. An emphasis on cyber security.

Spider Labs - Frontend Developer
Build their public facing website typically using jQuery or Vue.js, but sometimes you’ll touch their Elixir backend as well.

Sansan - Web App Engineer (Global Team)
Join a global team spearheading Sansan’s expansion to SE Asia. You’ll use C# on the backend, though experience with it isn’t required.

SmartNews - Software Engineer in Test, Quality Assurance
Improve their test automation framework, write integration and E2E test cases for web and mobile applications, and perform shift-left testing.

PayPay - Platform Engineer
Architect, maintain, and tune their infra system within the domains of AWS, Kafka, and Kubernetes.

PayPay - SRE
Deliver insights into system bottlenecks, ensure reliability of the system, and ensure that CI/CD processes are efficient and scalable.

PayPay - DevSecOps Engineer
Maintain the security of their payment system. Automate security configuration, testing, verification, and monitoring. Learn more at this online event.

Beacon Platform - Full Stack Engineer
Residency in Japan required. Use Python to improve their cloud deployment implementation, from infrastructure to application code.

Cryptact - Generalist Engineer
Residency in Japan required. With a combination of Python and Scala, gather and transform large amounts of data.

Recently published developer stories

I interviewed several of WOVN’s engineers about their experiences coming to Japan and joining the company. Everyone I talked to had a great combination of both technical skills and soft skills, and it seems like quite an exciting stage to join the company, as they’re rapidly growing but aren’t too big yet.

How WOVN provides a flexible and friendly workplace
Kseniya, a backend developer, was attracted to WOVN because it was a place where she could be herself, and wouldn’t be judged by her coloured hair, piercing, or tattoos. She found that flexibility extended to how they work, and people strived to create an emotionally supportive workplace too.

From Developer to Product Owner
As a developer, Torkel liked making improvements to processes for things like documentation and meetings. So when he was asked to become a product owner, he seized the opportunity to improve how WOVN develops software.

Hundreds of requests per second, two developers
Jerome joined WOVN as a backend engineer. Keeping things performant was a big technical challenge, as they have hundreds of requests per second and billions of records in their database. To top it off, for a time it was just him and one other developer responsible for the backend.

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