While last week’s digest included 13 new jobs at 8 companies, this week has been quieter, with just this new Site Reliability Engineer position at Synspective being published.

SREs seem to be particularly challenging for Japanese companies to hire, with multiple companies telling me that it’s their most challenging role to fill. With that in mind, I’ve also included 9 other companies that are also actively hiring SREs.

- Paul

Active Site Reliability Engineering Positions

These positions require no Japanese abilities, and are open to people overseas looking to relocate to Japan.

Synspective - Site Reliability Engineer
Synspective provides solutions for utilizing and integrating data from Synthetic Aperture Radar (“SAR”) satellite constellations, big data, and machine learning.

Degica - Site Reliability Engineer
Degica provides Komoju, a developer friendly API to integrate Japanese payments, who’s customers include the digital distribution platform Steam and the gaming company Blizzard.

SmartNews - Software Engineer, Platform Infrastructure
SmartNews is a news app with 20 million monthly active users in the U.S. and Japan that helps users find quality news beyond the filter bubble.

Zeals - Infra (SRE)
Zeals is developing Chat Commerce to utilize chatbot technology in marketing. They have served over 4.3 million end users so far with analysis of data from 450 million conversations.

WealthPark - Site Reliability Engineer
WealthPark provides digital solutions that promote business efficiency to property managers.

Rapyuta Robotics - Infrastructure Operations Engineer
Rapyuta Robotics builds low cost, lightweight autonomous mobile robots with high-level intelligence distributed in the cloud.

Autify - Senior Site Reliability Engineer
Autify is an AI-based software test automation platform. Since its official release in October 2019, Autify has been implemented by more than 300 clients.

PayPay - SRE
PayPay is Japan’s most popular mobile wallet with over 30 million registered users.

Spider Labs - DevOps Developer
Spider AF is an ad fraud countermeasure tool that supports ad networks, advertisers, and agencies.

Japan Computer Vision - Senior Site Reliability Engineer
Japan Computer Vision is an AI startup that uses SenseTime’s image recognition technology to provide solutions for the “smart building” and “smart retail” sectors.

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