These positions are open to people overseas looking to relocate to Japan, and unless otherwise stated, require no Japanese abilities.

Scoville - Frontend Web Engineer
Use TypeScript and React as part of a team of international engineers. ¥6 - 9 million/year.

Scoville - Site Reliability Engineer
Provision production environments, develop solutions to improve system performance, and configure CI/CD pipelines. ¥6 - 9 million/year.

Scoville - NLP AI Engineer
Conversational Japanese required. Advise about and apply a wide range of NLP and AI technologies, including sound processing, sound enhancement, and semantic analysis. ¥6 - 12 million/year.

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Paul is a Canadian software developer who has been living in Japan since 2006. Since 2011 he’s been helping other developers start and grow their careers in Japan through TokyoDev.

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