Unless otherwise stated these positions are open to people overseas looking to relocate to Japan, and require no Japanese abilities.

Software Engineer, Product - MeetsMore
Use TypeScript, React, and Node.js to build their local services marketplace. No experience with this tech stack necessary. ¥5 to 10 million annually.

Frontend Engineer - WOVN
Use Vue.js to build their website localization service.

Senior Frontend Engineer - WealthPark
Push forward the frontend developer culture and use React to improve their digital solutions for property managers.

Front-End Engineer - Lunaris
Residency in Japan required. Develop frontend applications using modern frontend technologies like React, TypeScript, and Composition API.

Back-End Engineer - Lunaris
Residency in Japan required. Use Elixir to work on development of several e-commerce related products.

Back-End Engineer - Future Standard
Residency in Japan required. Drive forward Cloud and Edge API development for their IoT products and client projects.

Data Scientist - VELDT
Residency in Japan required. Basic Japanese required. Develop data analytics on edge devices and federated AI systems.

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