Of all the companies hiring through TokyoDev, PayPay has been one of the most aggressive at hiring developers, both those already based in Japan, and those looking to relocate here. Of their many roles, they are particularly interested in hiring Backend Engineers (70 individuals), Platform Engineers (10 individuals), and SREs (5 individuals).

Another company, Autifty, has just reopened their Senior Frontend Engineer position, and are still listing 4 other roles. They work completely remotely, though would like their developers to relocate to Japan eventually, as they plan to do once-a-quarter in person get togethers. They don’t care if you’re not already here though, and are happy to relocate you.

For people already in Japan, TenTen has opened a Firmware Engineer position, and are still recruiting for their Server-Side Engineer position. They make a smart beacon that can be embedded into vending machines to allow them to go online.

I also recently had a chance to talk with Polly Sutcliffe about her experiences coming to Japan on the JET programme, working as a game translator, and more recently joining Octopus Energy as a frontend developer. Octopus is hiring both frontend and backend developers, but are also restricting their recruiting to people already based here in Japan.

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