Hi, I'm Paul McMahon, the curator of TokyoDev. Since 2011, I've been using my personal experience as a developer in Japan to help others get jobs here.

About TokyoDev

TokyoDev is a site dedicated to helping international developers start and grow their career in Japan. We do this through a job board for English speaking software developers in Japan, articles about finding a job here, a forum to discuss life as a developer in Japan, and the stories of international developers working here.

My me

In 2006, I came to Tokyo on the working holiday visa program. Soon after, I found a job as a Ruby developer at a Japanese startup.

With two colleagues from that company, I left to found Mobalean in 2009. Using our knowledge about the Japanese mobile ecosystem we picked up at our previous company, we helped international companies expand their mobile presence in Japan.

After RubyKaigi 2010, I founded Tokyo Rubyist Meetup in response to a demand for more collaboration between international and Japanese Rubyists.

What started out as a side-project at mobalean became Doorkeeper, which has become one of Japan's major platforms for events. In June 2013, I spun it out into a separate company, Doorkeeper Inc, and left mobalean to work on Doorkeeper full time. In September 2021, I sold my stake in Doorkeeper.

Since 2010, I've been writing about my life as a developer in Japan. Over the years, it's attracted questions about how to find a job as a developer in Japan. As I've wrote more articles on the topic, I got more questions, and slowly I've built up an audience of developers working or looking for work in Japan.

Originally a mailing list where I posted the occassional job opportunity, TokyoDev has now become a fully-fledged job board for international developers looking for English-speaking jobs in Japan.

If you have any questions about developer life in Japan, please post them to the forum, where myself and other members of the community can answer them.

You can check out my open source contributions on my GitHub account. I'm the author of the event_tracker and semi_static Ruby gems, and have had several commits accepted to Ruby on Rails among other things.

To get in touch with me personally, you can reach me at paul@tokyodev.com or on twitter as @pwim.