SRE / Backend Engineer

allesgood Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • 💴 ¥6M ~ ¥9M annually
  • 🏡 Fully remote (from Japan)
  • 🧪 Minimum years of experience unspecified
  • 💬 No Japanese required
  • 🗾 Japan residents only
  • 🧳 No relocation support

About allesgood

allesgood Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

allesgood's mission is "unleashing the values of people". We operate "BaseMe". BaseMe and is the best place to start or accelerate a career, like a LinkedIn for GenZ. No connections, experience, or luck is required.

Key benefits

  • Flexible and Open
  • Exciting Start-up Vibes
  • Team-Wide Development

About the position

You will be responsible for the SRE and backend engineering of our in-house service, BaseMe. We are currently focusing on improving site performance and migrating APIs from REST to GraphQL.


  • Product Performance Improvement
    • Monitor the overall performance of the application and identify bottlenecks.
    • Optimize queries, implement caching strategies, and refactor code.
    • Optimize database performance using Amazon RDS and BigQuery.
    • Optimize resource management and scaling strategies in the AWS environment (including ECS).
  • Infrastructure Management and Automation
    • Provision and manage AWS resources using Terraform.
    • Optimize Docker containers and manage deployments on ECS.
    • Build and continuously improve CI/CD pipelines.
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
    • Track and analyze user behavior using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.
    • Provide business intelligence and data visualization using Redash.
  • Security and Scalability
    • Design applications and infrastructure based on security best practices.
    • Ensure system scalability to handle high traffic.
  • API Migration from REST to GraphQL
    • Analyze the current REST API architecture and develop a strategy for migrating to GraphQL.
    • Design and implement GraphQL APIs using Ruby on Rails.
    • Develop new GraphQL endpoints and migrate existing functionalities.
    • Coordinate and optimize interfaces with the frontend (Next.js).
  • Technical Documentation
    • Create documentation for the new GraphQL API.
    • Document performance improvements and infrastructure changes.


  • Experience in developing web applications using Ruby
  • Experience in query optimization, database performance tuning, and speeding up processing times

Nice to haves

While not specifically required, tell us if you have any of the following.

  • Experience in designing and implementing REST and GraphQL APIs
  • Experience in building and operating infrastructure on cloud platforms such as AWS/GCP
  • Experience in designing system scalability in high-traffic environments
  • Understanding of JavaScript and TypeScript, with development experience using Next.js
  • Experience in designing, developing, and operating microservice architectures


6 to 9 million JPY annually.



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