beBit's flagship SaaS product is USERGRAM, which analyzes individual user behavior and is used to create business plans and marketing strategies.

Currently, more than 130 corporations use USERGRAM to analyze the behavior from a user base of over a billion people, and these numbers are rapidly growing.

Because of USERGRAM’s growth, the complexity surrounding scaling it is a constant challenge. The backend processing of all the user behavior data, consisting of hundreds of millions of user sessions annually, imposes a significant challenge with respect to the design of its data structures, architecture, and domain logic.

Half of our engineering department is non-Japanese, and if you're currently overseas but looking to relocate to Japan we welcome you to join us.

We only require basic Japanese skills (equivalent to JLPT N5) to begin with. We'll provide you with Japanese lessons, and as your Japanese abilities improve, you'll use a mix of English and Japanese to communicate internally.

Jobs at beBit