About Cooori

Cooori is a small and growing company that offers an educational service that focuses on efficiency in language learning.

International from the beginning

Two of our founders are Icelandic, making our team international from the beginning. We currently have employees from all around the world, including Japan, Mexico, France, Canada, the United States, Lithuania, and other countries. We strongly believe that a diversity of experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds will lead to a better environment for our employees and a better product for our users.

As English is the official company language, we don’t require any Japanese ability. We are however focused on recruiting people already based in Japan.

Our culture could be described as Scandinavian

Rarely working overtime, we instead get things done during work hours. In order to keep everyone fresh, we encourage our employees to take regular vacations. We minimize report meetings and instead we treat meetings as work sessions where minutes are kept and decisions are made collectively and followed upon.

Process focused in order to reach excellence

We make data-driven development decisions backed by a strong machine learning team. We welcome ideas wherever they come from, treat them equally and use collective intelligence from our team in order to define and design all parts of our service.

Our response to COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, we’ve adopted this color coding scheme, and have set the following policy according to the severity level:

  • Green. We currently ask people to come to the office once a week
  • Orange. If employees prefer to come, they can, as soon as there’s not too many employees in the office.
  • Red. We close the office, 100% remote.

We’ve established guidelines for coming into the office, and provide mask and a thermometer.

We’re not a remote first company though, so if the indicator is not in the red zone, we may ask new employees to come a bit more frequently to ease the onboarding, but we’re open to discussion. We also prefer to physically meet the candidate for our 2nd/3rd interviews.

About the position

We are looking for an engineer with a strong background in developing and scaling distributed systems.

Our stack

We are developing a single page application built with React and TypeScript while the backend API is implemented with the Django framework. Our backend stack is based on PostgreSQL, Redis and runs on AWS.

What you’ll do


These are not hard guidelines, but rather we’re looking for someone with some combination of the below. When applying, let us know which of these you have, and we’ll decide if you’re a match.

This position is closed and is no longer accepting applications.

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