About Crowd Cast

Crowd Cast is a Tokyo based Fintech startup. Staple, our core product, is a payment management solution to simplify the payment process between a company and its employees. We are looking for people with an innovative and proactive mindset, seeking to thrive in a fast-moving, international environment.

We promote from within

As our startup grows, our team grows too. With it, new positions with greater responsibilities open up. Rather than hiring externally, our default is to promote someone from within to a more senior position. So even if you were to start with us as a junior developer, you won’t be one for long, and if you join as a senior developer, you can quickly become a tech lead.

English is our shared language

The engineering team is almost entirely non-Japanese, and we communicate exclusively in English. While the business side of the company is primarily Japanese, almost everyone there can speak English too, and so communication will default to English. We generally don’t require Japanese ability for positions, and only being able to speak English won’t hurt your progression within the company.

Work flexibly in the way that suits you best

We offer flex-time with core time of 11:00~15:00, just to give us some chance for synchronous communication. Otherwise, we don’t care if you’re an early bird who starts your day at 5am or a night owl who starts at 11am.

We’ve also embraced remote work, and have some members who are working fully remotely. If you prefer working from an office, we have a shared workspace located in the financial district of Tokyo. Some combination of remote and office work is fine too: it’s your choice.

Generous holiday package

In addition to national holidays, we offer 20 paid holidays per year. We want you to have a good work life balance, and understand taking vacations is an important part of working sustainably.

Our response to COVID-19

Since before COVID-19, we had a policy of allowing remote work one to two days per week. With COVID-19, we now allow people to work entirely remotely.

About the position

For this position, we are looking for people who are already residents of Japan.

Daily Responsibilities

Skills & Qualifications

Nice to have

Salary structure

This position is closed and is no longer accepting applications.

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