Takamatsu, Kagawa – https://dreamly.se/

Providing an international mindset to rural Japan.

Dreamly is a startup aiming to re-humanize IT from small town Japan with an international mindset and also providing cutting edge IT consultancy services to other startups all over Japan.

Being different is our strength

Founded by a Swede in Kagawa, we’re not your typical IT startup. Our small team has members from Sweden and Japan, and as we grow it, diversity is something we strive to increase, as having a wide variety of perspectives makes us stronger.

This variety in perspectives is what enabled us to see the possible solutions to the problems we were seeing in the Japanese society and our backgrounds helped us understand that it is not a problem located not only in Japan, especially in this world standing still due to COVID-19.

We’ve been providing consultancy services but are also building & evaluating PoC’s to find a market fit for inhouse development.

Providing IT consultancy services as Startup-as-a-Service

It’s important for us to share our know-how with other startups in Japan who are trying to make something truly unique, providing concrete sustainable value to their end-users.

This we do by providing a dedicated remote agile team which is working together with our customers with the aim of not only creating product value but also enabling our customers to continue development on their own in the future.

A part of this is reflected in our way to choose who we work together with - companies who are open to our suggestions and ideas is a key aspect of this. We look thoroughly at their culture, vision and strategies but also do a sanity check on their business model - sometimes we also provide necessary advice if we believe the customer has overlooked vital aspects.

We are going to support Tomorrows’ Engineers

The IT industry in Japan is infamous for overtime, harsh work conditions and low salaries. The consequences are evident upon society due to lagging digital transformation but also in the scarcity of Tech startups. Sweden, the homeland of our CEO, stands in stark contrast and we believe it doesn’t need to be like this. Lack of higher level education, job market information and access to global job opportunities are but a few of the factors playing into why software engineers are not given the appreciation for the value they provide, and also why they themselves push for it.

We’re on the path of bringing back passion in life to the Engineers and creating a new eco-system aiming for sustainability in software innovation, enabling Japan to not lose, but gain, the invaluable manpower to transform Japan into tomorrow.

This we will do by bringing renowned Swedish innovation and the sense of Japanese craftsmanship together while working tightly together with our users along with a touch of Hyperledger Fabric and user centric design.

What we can offer

We believe in a Swedish saying - “Frihet under ansvar” which roughly translates to “Freedom comes with responsibility”. Take ownership of your responsibilities and what you build, then you can adjust your work hours freely and also choose where to spend them - like working while traveling.

The work we do has the chance to make a positive impact on society, something that will actually matter to people - and we believe that this is something that is important for you just as much as it is for us.

We offer market level salaries complemented with a lucrative equity package, accompanied with the ability to leave a footprint on the platform we are building.

At the moment we are only looking for applicants who are currently within Japan due to visa difficulties caused by COVID-19.

Depending on the candidate, full time commitment on the remote may be offered but we prefer candidates who are willing to relocate to Takamatsu in Kagawa.

Our response to COVID-19

  • Full remote option for more senior members (junior members are challenging for us to manage on remote)
  • Partitions between members in the office, alcogel & face masks readily available at the entrance
  • Frequently open windows to weather out and try to keep the ventilation as “fresh” as possible
  • When in physical meeting, either take 2-3 m distance to each other if possible and usage of face masks
  • Usage of public transportation is discouraged and movement outside the office should be kept to a minimum with face masks on

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