About Dreamly

Being different is our strength

Founded by a Swede in Kagawa, we’re not your typical IT consultancy. Our small team already has members from five different countries, and as we grow it, diversity is something we strive to increase, as having a wide variety of perspectives makes us stronger.

Our international approach isn’t something we just apply internally either - our clients are excited to do things in an international way, even if it means there are some extra challenges. For instance, we don’t let language barriers get in the way, and though we have native Japanese speakers in our team, even our non-Japanese speaking developers communicate directly with our clients through a combination of English and Google Translate (it’s amazing how far it has come in the last couple of years).

We help our clients discover what is possible with technology

Our clients tend to be small and medium Japanese businesses who are using horribly outdated technology, if they’re using anything at all. Part of the reason they choose us is to help them discover what is possible with technology. Our projects start with a UX spike that helps us to understand our clients business processes, and from there we proceed in an agile fashion, to build something that truly helps to drive their business forward.

Small town Japan needs our help

Japan is faced with a dramatic population decline in coming decades. To survive, rural Japan is going to need to change, and yet urban centers like Tokyo is where the innovation is happening. We want this to change, and so we’re working with the local community to promote innovation, doing things like working with other local entrepreneurs to establish a startup incubator within Takamatsu.

About the position

As a Frontend Developer, you’ll work with our UI/UX designer to bridge the gap between graphical design and technical implementation, taking an active role on both how applications look as well as work.

For this position we ask that you have at least three years of professional experience as a frontend developer or similar position.

This position is closed and is no longer accepting applications.