About Drivemode

Founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs from Zipcar and Tesla Motors, Drivemode is fundamentally changing vehicle technology for drivers – we enable smarter and safer connected driving in any vehicle.

Drivemode has built a mobile-based connected vehicle platform which integrates directly with the vehicle to bring key communication and navigation features, while putting your vehicle’s data right at your fingertips. Our products are used by millions of riders and drivers in over 150 countries. In 2019 we were acquired by Honda as an independent subsidiary to integrate our platform directly into Honda vehicles around the world.

Small team that plays big

We’re a small team of 20 with offices in Silicon Valley and Tokyo. We’re a group of entrepreneurs who focus on speed, learning, flexibility, and using data to drive decision-making. Our team is very multicultural and actively encourages speaking up to share ideas or opinions, regardless of your job title. Our official language (spoken and written) is English. We love challenges, the bigger, the better. If that sounds like you, come join us.

Drivemode’s tech stack

  • Android: Kotlin, Java, Dagger 2, RxJava, gRPC, Gradle, Android Studio
  • iOS: Swift, SwiftUI, Xcode, Carthage
  • Server/Infrastructure: Node.js, NestJS, PostgreSQL, gRPC, Docker, Cloud Run, Firebase, PubSub, DataFlow, Google Cloud Platform
  • Version control: Git/GitHub
  • CI/CD: GitHub Actions (Self Hosted), DeployGate, Fastlane
  • Communication: Slack, Google Meet, Email
  • Project management: Jira Software, Trello
  • Analytics: BigQuery, Firebase Analytics, Jupyter, Pandas, scikit-learn
  • Others: Google Workspace, OneSky

Be the next Drivemoder

Joining our team means taking on the biggest challenges in vehicle technology today by bringing together modern software design with the next generation of hardware to improve the safety of millions on the road every day. To accomplish this, we need people who aren’t afraid to take on big, unique challenges to fundamentally improve the driving experience. We need entrepreneurial thinkers who can respond rapidly to change and explore new technologies. If that sounds like you, come talk to us.

Our response to COVID-19

Starting from March 2020, Drivemode has encouraged all employees to work remotely and avoid face-to-face communication unless it is absolutely necessary. During this time, Drivemode has provided support for employees with subsidies for improving work from home environments. Due to this unforeseen circumstance in our day-to-day life and also in the irregular immigration activity as well as air travel restrictions, we have decided to hold any application from outside of Japan unless with eligibility to work in Japan. We will continue to observe the situation and open positions to those that live outside of Japan once we confirm the safety.

Drivemode was already a “remote team” before COVID-19, and we’ll continue to be with offices in multiple locations. However, due to the nature of work that happens inside Drivemode, there is a need to be at the office together from time to time when developing new products that involve hardware prototypes. In the long-term we plan to gradually return to the office when it is safe to do so.

Our hiring process for engineer position

  1. HR Application Screen and Casual Discussion
  2. Coding Test (One or Two depending on the position)
  3. Video interviews – Usually three to four Interviews with the hiring team and the management

About the position

As the first Drivemode IT Administrator, you will be responsible for implementing solutions and providing high level support on the variety of IT needs of Drivemode.

Drivemode relies on a variety of cloud services to operate and we’re looking for someone that will be able to take a zero trust network approach for enhancing even further authentication/accounts management and ensuring secure, smooth and productive day-to-day use of our tools.

Highly-motivated professionals with strong knowledge and experience in overall IT administration operation, who are passionate about thinking about and solving problems and issues in a diverse environment are definitely a fit for our team. We look forward to hearing from you!

You Will Do:

Qualifications - Required:

Qualifications - Plus:

This position is closed and is no longer accepting applications.

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