Emotion Intelligence

Gotanda, Tokyo – https://www.emin.co.jp/

AI-enabled plugin for E-commerce sites.

Emotion Intelligence (Emin) is a Tokyo-based startup. Our main product is AiDeal, which presents discount offers to e-commerce site visitors at the most appropriate timing, personalized by technology to detect the visitor’s growing desire to buy. We do this by analyzing browser behaviour data (mouse-moving, scrolling, clicks, gestures) in real-time. As our engineering team is already 90% non-Japanese, no Japanese skills are required, and we are open to considering candidates looking to relocate to Japan.

We welcome flexible working styles not only by adopting flextime system but also allowing remote working. Our technologies are based on AWS, Vue.js, GraphQL, Node.js and MongoDB and very open-minded to accepting new technologies. We are everyday tackling huge challenges like analyzing, machine-learning and visualizing online traffics of more than 1 billion page views per month.

In 2019, we were acquired by Appier, a technology company which provides artificial intelligence platforms to help enterprises solve their most challenging business problems. Through this acquisition, you’ll have not only the opportunity to work with Emin in Japan, but also to collaborate with Appier team members in Taipei, Taiwan.

Our response to COVID-19

As our target market is e-commerce, the COVID-19 crisis has actually led to a boost in demand for our solution.

Our team has been working completely remotely since mid-February. Even before the crisis, our engineers were working remotely a couple days per week, and we already were working remotely with Appier members in Taiwan, so making the transition to full remote went smoothly.

We’re still open to overseas candidates, but due to travel restrictions, you may need to work on a remote contract before relocating to Japan.

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