Future Standard

Yushima, Tokyo – https://futurestandard.co.jp/en/

IoT platform for AI driven video analysis.

Future Standard are the developers of SCORER, an IoT platform that delivers easily accessible tools and services to enable cutting-edge AI driven video analysis solutions.

At the core of the SCORER platform we have SCORER Cloud, a powerful place to centralise management and analysis for a range of devices. To extend this, SCORER Edge allows us to offer not only an on-site solution that integrates with the Cloud using our LTE services but also allows for powerful stand-alone solutions where a connection is unavailable or increased security considerations are required.

This powerful suite of tools has enabled us to craft our own products and complete many projects alongside key partners, creating custom applications that include railway safety projects; automated analytics of physical retail spaces; and next generation digital signage. Some of our key partnerships have included SoftBank, Cisco, Microsoft, Dentsu.

If working with this kind of cutting edge technology appeals to you, we can’t wait to talk more about the opportunities we have available in the company.

Our response to COVID-19

Remote working during COVID-19 is encouraged though 1-2 days in-office are desired. Early stage interviews can be conducted via Zoom (However, a final interview is strongly preffered in-person.)

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