About JMAG

JMAG is software for electromagnetic simulation and design. Developed in Japan since 1983 it is now used in industries and universities world-wide and is used by all of the top Japanese automotive companies for analysis and simulation of electromagnetic devices.

The growth in electric and hybrid vehicles has increased demand for analysis tools while new platforms such as cloud based simulation has created new opportunities in an expanding field. To meet the challenges of this expanding market the JMAG team is looking for highly motivated people to join our growing team. We are open to relocate candidates who are not yet based in Japan.

About the position

We are looking for experienced software engineers to join the user interface development team. The role will include the creation of specifications as well as development, debugging and testing of the application. The user interface part of JMAG is implemented in C++ with the Qt framework and has both Windows and Linux versions.

Required experience

Desired skills and experience

Desired qualities

This position is closed and is no longer accepting applications.