Kichijoji, Tokyo –

Custom solutions for e-commerce businesses.

Established in 2015, Lunaris offers custom solutions to e-commerce businesses in Japan and around the world. We specialize in solutions for Shopify and strive to simplify e-commerce for online business owners everywhere.

Our Diverse Team

Our company is comprised almost entirely of young, international, English-speaking staff members who are focused on using the newest technologies to operate and grow our business efficiently. We have high expectations for ourselves and for our teammates – we champion go-getters who find opportunities for improvement and waste no time addressing it.

We are a relatively small team, so making a big impact is encouraged if not essential. Each team member has their responsibilities, but the freedom to fulfill them as necessary.

The Work Culture

We’re a team of young self-starters who thrive on new challenges. As such, what you can contribute to the team matters much more than any corporate hierarchy or politics.

We also highly value a healthy work-life balance – our flex-time schedule allows you to manage your workweek hours to fit your needs!

Our Response to COVID-19

While we can offer remote work down-the-line, the initial training and trial phase will be at our office in Kichijoji, Tokyo. Most of our vaccinated team members come to the office, but we do have some who work entirely remotely.

Our Interview Process

We start with a video call, then usually arrange for an in-person interview. In addition to our normal interviews, we may invite you to some casual conversations with our team members.

Open Jobs at Lunaris