About Mercari

Mercari is a marketplace app that makes it easy for people to safely sell and ship their things. Having been downloaded over 100 million times, it is now among the largest peer-to-peer selling platforms globally.

Though we have over 1,800 employees, we still have a startup culture, where we encourage people to come up with big, crazy ideas, and to not be afraid of failure. Because the company is rapidly growing, you can set your own path, and there is enough transparency to allow our members to do so. For instance, at our all-hands meetings, every single member is encouraged to ask questions directly to our executive team.

We’re a Japanese company, but are building a global work culture, and so we provide a great opportunity to experience a blend of Japanese and international culture. We relocate developers from around the world to join our team, and provide translation and interpretation to smooth communication between members.

We want our employees to be able to give 100% both inside and outside of the office, and our benefits reflect this. These include providing language education, financial support for childcare, and allowing you to pursue paid side gigs outside of working with us.

Our response to COVID-19

Along with many other countries, Japan is expanding entry/visa restrictions in line with the WHO’s decision to declare the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic on March 11th. We are trying our best to minimize the impact, but inevitably we may be unable to continue the hiring process with every candidate at this time. Given the uncertainty of the situation, please kindly understand that we will be prioritizing local applicants (possessing valid working visas, etc.) to ensure a smooth hiring experience. Of course we are maintaining open channels of communication regarding individual cases and will monitor the situation in order to adjust our policies as circumstances change.

For more on the measures that Mercari has taken regarding COVID-19, please see this message from the CEO.

About the position

An engineering manager commits to creating mechanisms and solving organizational issues to ensure engineers can perform at their best. They are responsible for hiring, training, evaluating, and setting goals for engineers.

The engineering manager’s mission is to maximize the engineering teams’ output. These teams consist of members from various backgrounds in terms of experience, nationality, and culture. Engineering managers are placed in charge of these diverse teams, and use their management skills to help members work to their full potential and strive for greater achievements. They are also responsible for strengthening and expanding the team in the mid/long-term by supporting members’ growth, along with creating and executing strategies in a rapidly-changing environment.

You can see more about our engineering culture here.

If you are interested in our services, mission, and values, and want to help Mercari aim to be a place where engineers can go bold, choose the latest and best technology to use, and autonomously make decisions and take on challenges at a rapid pace, we want to hear from you!

Required Experience

Preferred Experience

Our Ideal Candidate

Key Teams

The key teams are as follows. Mercari has many teams outside of these.

Backend Team

Mercari’s Backend Team is currently entering a major transition phase. The Mercari app has been growing at an incredible pace ever since its release and is now the largest C2C platform in Japan. The Mercari API codebase has also expanded in line with the service’s growth and the variety of challenges faced. As we anticipate our service to grow at an even greater speed in the future, we are aiming to use microservices to help achieve Mercari JP’s mission.

Frontend Team

Mercari’s Frontend Team develops products using web frontend technology made with Javascript/HTML/CSS, rather than native apps. With the recent increase in attention towards topics like PWA and SPA/SSR, we at Mercari are aiming to strengthen the company’s product development using modern web technology as a base.

Mobile Team

Mercari’s mobile team is currently working on a major re-architecture of the Android/iOS apps in order to create a structure where they can conduct further large-scale development while maintaining speed and security. The team is also working on various other projects, such as developing new features and improving the UX. The mobile team consists of members from many different countries; we hope to unlock the potential of this diverse team in order to make even greater achievements.

Machine Learning Team

We are actively utilizing advanced machine learning technologies in order to provide a more convenient, safe and fun marketplace. A Machine Learning Platform Engineer is responsible for improving and maintaining machine learning systems, architected using cloud technologies and Kubernetes.

Microservices Platform Team

Mercari’s Microservices Platform team uses Kubernetes to create microservice platforms for Mercari and its subsidiaries, such as Merpay. Your main role as an engineering manager will involve developing tools and services that will increase the development speed for Kubernetes Cluster Admin and microservices.

SRE Team

Mercari’s SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) team builds servers and networks for the Mercari app, automates systems, and handling outages. The team also develops and operates software to increase system performance, reliability, and scalability.

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