About Nature

Nature Inc. utilizes internet and sensor technology to disseminate distributed power sources and create a future where energy can be self-sufficient. Our flagship product, Nature Remo, which allows people to control household appliances such as air conditioners, TVs, and robot vacuum cleaners through their smartphones or smart speakers is Japan’s top smart remote, with more than 200,000 units sold so far.

Our newest iteration, Nature Remo 3, includes sensors for temperature, humidity, lighting and movement, and with our app, you can automate things like turning on your air conditioner when you get near to your home.

Looking to become even more international and diverse

Our team currently has four international members and seventeen Japanese ones. We’re specifically looking to increase our diversity by hiring more international members, and though we’re only accepting candidates already based in Japan, no Japanese ability is required, as we can communicate internally in English.

Full of internationally minded Japanese

Our Japanese members tend to have international experience. Some examples:

  • Haruumi, our CEO studied in the US (MBA at Harvard) and Sweden (MSc CompSci at KTH), interned in India, and worked on projects across Asia.
  • Matsuki, our CTO worked in China for a startup and is fluent in Chinese.
  • Megumi, working in HR, studied in Ireland for half a year.
  • Daichi, a hardware engineer, worked in the US for several years.
  • Ryo, working in marketing, lived in South Africa for several years.

Our response to COVID-19

With COVID-19, we are currently working fully remotely. We may increase the number of days we come to the office depending on how the situation progresses.

Hiring Process

We start with a casual chat to make sure we’re a good fit for each other, then move on to the first interview, after which you’ll be interviewed by the CTO, and then finally the CEO.

About the position

As part of the team, you will specialize in developing new features of Nature Remo app using your creativity, technical and problem-solving skills. You will work closely with engineers and designers to maintain and develop the app environment to support the increasing number of users. As an iOS/Android Developer, you will also play a critical role in developing the next generation of Nature apps that will shape the future of energy.

Who You Are:

Key Qualifications:

Preferred Qualifications:

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