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Bringing the world closer together through play.

As the world’s first instant play gaming company, we create games that billions of people can play together.

A founding team of gaming veterans

Our founding team are veterans of the gaming industry, and includes the co-founder of Zynga, a mobile social gaming company, the co-founder of Game Closure, a company focused on building post-app store technology, the producer of the game “Kaito Royale”, one of Japan’s most successful social games, and a well-known figure in the Korean tech scene.

Anyone can pitch games

We offer the opportunity for anyone to pitch games, both as part of our regular development process, and through game jams we hold. With our game jams, you’ll have a week to make a prototype of a game, working with a team of people from across the company. At the end of the jam, we’ll pick the best games, and develop them to production.

Fully remote and flexible hours

We’re a remote first company. There’s never a need to come into an office, and as we’re globally distributed, that’s not feasible anyways.

We also let you choose your own hours, so long as you’re available when we have online meetings.

We welcome applicants from throughout Europe and Asia

Because we do have some synchronous meetings, we’re restricting membership in our APAC team to those living within Europe and Asia. While we don’t support relocation to Japan, and so you’ll be working remotely from your own country, this is a great opportunity to get into Japan’s gaming industry.

We currently support hiring residents of the following locations: Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Italy, Isle of Man, Japan, The Netherlands, Portugal, South Korea, Switzerland UAE, The UK, and Ukraine.

Our hiring process

  1. A chat with our recruiter.
  2. An exploratory conversation with the hiring manager or a senior engineer.
  3. A coding interview where we’ll assess your problem solving capabilities, coding style, and knowledge of the technology.
  4. An architecture and system design interview where we’ll assess your overall architecture knowledge, JavaScript technology understanding, and game architecture knowledge (if any).
  5. A behavioral interview where we assess your people and management skills, and your organizational capabilities.

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