Backend Engineer

Quollio Technologies, Inc Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • 💴 ¥7.4M ~ ¥9.6M annually
  • 🏡 Fully remote (from Japan)
  • 🧪 3+ years experience required
  • 💬 No Japanese required
  • 🗾 Japan residents only
  • 🧳 No relocation support

About Quollio Technologies, Inc

Quollio Technologies, Inc Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Quollio Technologies provides products that enable Enterprise Data Intelligence. We platformize essential information required for organizational decision-making and operational data utilization, starting from metadata management to overseeing data presence and flow across departments.

About the position

You’re tasked with developing customizable platform features suitable for enterprise scenarios within our primary product, Quollio Data Intelligence Cloud.

The role of an Individual Contributor at Quollio primarily encompasses three key responsibilities. Each of these is crucial to the ongoing development and future progression of our backend systems.

  1. Fueling Quollio’s growth through your coding efforts

    Your coding efforts directly contribute to the product’s evolution, providing increasing value to our customers with each line of code you write. Your impact will be assessed based on the delivery of new features and improvements. As a startup, Quollio relies on diligent work as the catalyst for further growth in the company’s next phase.

  2. Productive self-management

    Self-management at Quollio entails breaking down tasks into manageable segments, proactively communicating progress and any challenges to supervisors without requiring micromanagement. Exercising self-discipline and organizing information through tickets and documentation to streamline communication characterizes self-management practices at Quollio. It’s worth noting that you won’t be responsible for managing other team members.

  3. Embrace proactive engagement

    When presented with tickets and documents, it’s tempting to adopt a passive stance. However, we encourage proactive participation in meaningful discussions with managers and tech leads. Understanding the ‘what,’ ‘why,’ and ‘how’ behind tasks is essential for providing genuine value to users. Occasionally, decision-makers may err, and as the final coder before delivery, you possess a distinct opportunity to avert potential issues before they impact users.

Tech stack

  • Language: Golang
  • Infrastructure: AWS
  • Auth: Hybrid of Auth0 and Cognito
  • DB: DynamoDB, OpenSearch
  • CI/CD: GitHub, Terraform Cloud
  • Communication: Slack, Linear
  • Document: Notion, Google Workspace


  • Continuously writing high-quality code and making substantial contributions to the product through quantity
  • Ensure self-discipline and effective communication to be able to act as an individual contributor
  • Fundamentally understand requirements from the product team
  • Provide clear technical documentation for other stakeholders like other engineers and product managers


  • Over 3 years of experience developing the backend system in any language for enterprise applications.
  • Over 3 years of experience developing systems using AWS services, particularly DynamoDB, Lambda, OpenSearch, among others, following industry best practices.
  • Love to write large amounts of high quality code that has an impact on the project
  • Aligns with Quollio’s vision and values.
  • Finds value and purpose in working at a startup.
  • Committed to joining us on a long journey, with the goal of becoming a leading tech company in Greater Asia and working towards an IPO.

Nice to haves

While not specifically required, tell us if you have any of the following.

  • Over 3 years of experience constructing systems in Go, adhering to best practices.
  • Strong interest in data management, data engineering, and data analysis.
  • Previous experience in a VC-backed startup environment
  • Proficiency in communicating in Japanese on engineering-related topics


7.44 to 9.6 million JPY annually plus stock options.

Trial period may be applied at first.

Hiring Process

  1. 1

    Web application screening

    We look forward to reaching out to you after you apply.

  2. 2

    Introduction interview (online)

    We’ll set up a virtual interview where we can get to know each other better. During this meeting, we encourage you to talk about your experiences and aspirations.

  3. 3

    Technical session (at Yotsuya office)

    For this role, we’ll discuss a few technical subjects to understand your insights and level of knowledge with the simple assignment while facing the whiteboard together.

  4. 4

    Final interview (at Yotsuya office)

    We look forward to discussing with you in the final interview at our Yotsuya office. We’ll revisit the suitability of the role for you, anticipating the scenario after your joining.


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