About Reallyenglish

Reallyenglish has been providing English language teaching online since 1999. We’ve built up a strong business through focusing on B2B partnerships, and are now looking to bring our platform to the non-English digital learning market. Our development team is already international, having American, British, Mongolian, Taiwanese, and Japanese members. Our team communicates internally in English, so no Japanese ability is required.

Our response to COVID-19

All employees are allowed to work remotely. We accept overseas candidates, provided you’d be available to work remotely during normal Japanese business hours. Once the border restrictions are eased, you’d relocate to Japan.

About the position

Our development is done using the agile development process Scrum, and we also use other agile techniques like pair programming. We’re active members in the open source community, making contributions ourselves, and sponsoring developer events (such as Tokyo Rubyist Meetup).

We use Ruby on Rails for our backend and PostgreSQL as our database. For hosting, we use Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with Kubernetes.


Experience developing using Ruby on Rails (be it professionally or through things like open source contributions).

Bonus skills

This position is closed and is no longer accepting applications.

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