Roppongi, Tokyo –

Japan's first digital freight forwarder.

We are a technology company working on digitalizing international trading, and the first digital freight forwarding company in Japan. We are building a multi-sided digital platform which allows both customers (importer/exporter) and operators to efficiently and fluidly process international trade workflows, which are today processed mostly through human labor. Our platform currently covers freight forwarding and we are aiming to expand our coverage throughout the international trade supply chain.

Our mission

At Shippio we are focused on revolutionizing the legacy industry of logistics. We plan to do away with the old way of tracking things on paper and by hand with a centralized platform that provides an easy to use dashboard for automatic data entry and document generation.

Our core values

  • Be courageous and decisive. Don’t be afraid to take on challenges and don’t let precedent stand in the way of accomplishing goals
  • Strive for greatness. Accept constructive criticism and be willing to continually improve yourself.
  • Believe in your fellow crewmates. Enjoy developing as a team. Help team members grow and learn from them.

Our Current Stack

We have a Ruby + RoR Back-End, deployed on AWS, we use GraphQL for API manipulation and our Front End is in React.js. However we are always looking for opportunities to use new technologies and languages so we would be happy to hear about your favourite technological stack!

Our response to COVID-19

We had been working three days remotely per week, but due to COVID-19, we’ve moved to full remote for an undetermined time (employees are still free to go to the office if needed though).

Open Jobs at Shippio

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