About Styler Inc

Our main product is Facy, which facilitates online communication between shoppers and brick and mortar fashion shops. With it, users can ask questions about fashion items they’re interested in, and then buy the item online.

At our office in Shibuya, Tokyo, we already have employees from over eight different countries. We don’t require Japanese, but prefer candidates already based in Japan.

At Styler, developers don’t just write code to a spec, but rather they work closely with the product manager and designers throughout the entire development process. You’ll be involved in the initial planning and creation of user stories onwards, and you’ll get to decide what you want to work on and how you want to implement it.

We emphasize on code quality, and all production code either goes through a code review process, or is written using pair programming. Code is refactored as new code is added, so you’ll do it on a regular basis. All code is also tested automatically, and we’ve put in place tools to assess code quality.

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This position is closed and is no longer accepting applications.