About Synspective

Synspective provides solutions for customers’ challenges with utilizing and integrating data from Synthetic Aperture Radar (“SAR”) satellite constellations, big data, and machine learning. We use English internally, and welcome overseas candidates looking to relocate to Japan.

Our core values

Fairness. Respect each member’s lifestyle, experiences, culture and mission. Be honest to data. Appreciate counter opinions and feedback.

Efficency. Time is the most important resource. We, as one team, aim to achieve the best results in the shortest time. Take a control of your time and be responsible for your performance. Make recurring tasks automated. Focus on selected fields to maximize work value in the shortest time possible.

Proactiveness. Proactively identify problems and act immediately. Never be afraid to fail. Be candid and ask team for help whenever needed.

Collective Intelligence. Individual growth leads to team growth. Keep learning and share with the team. Be social and expand your network. Use external resources as necessary

Employment system

Full-time (Nontenured). All members are contract-based employees. The contract is renewed in every six months based on management by objective to assist individual growth and team growth


  • Commuting expense, health insurance, employees’ pension insurance.
  • Flexible work-hours and location
  • Part-time or second job allowed

Our response to COVID-19

Our business hasn’t been directly impacted by COVID-19. During the crisis, we’ve switched to having all employees work fully remotely. We do not have any concrete plans yet about going back to the office, but will follow the government’s policy.

For overseas candidates, we can discuss how to approach travel restrictions during the interview, because the situation differs in each country. Normally, we can start the visa application process and wait until travel restrictions are lifted.

About the position

Minimum qualifications

Preferred qualifications

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