About Tellus

Tellus is a growing, mission-driven, health-tech start-up focused on improving healthcare, and eldercare in particular. Our personal experience was our inspiration: we wanted to build a technology for our loved ones that provided us with actionable health information and peace-of-mind, all while protecting their privacy and independence.

Like so many of you - we have cared for an aging family member and tried all the unsatisfying gadgets like cameras, bracelets, and bed sensors. This is why we have created a novel way to monitor important health information. Tellus is a non-contact device, using AI and sensors (with no wearables, microphones or video cameras). Our highly impactful algorithms detect falls, sleep and vitals – and send alerts when things look concerning. Our most recent work relates to coughing and early disease symptom detection. Our technology has been tested in eldercare facilities in Japan for accuracy and effectiveness.

We don’t require any Japanese ability, and all our team members speak English. We’re open to candidates looking to relocate to Japan, working from where you are located for the time being with the intention that you’ll move to Japan once things open up again.

Some quick highlights about working at Tellus:

  • Chance to level up and room for growth into management positions
  • Opportunity to work closely with CEO, CTO and Investors
  • Work on cutting edge technology and define the processes and tools implemented at an early stage
  • Opportunity to travel internationally
  • Competitive Salary and Benefits
  • Flexible work from home

Our Team

With offices in San Francisco and Tokyo, we are a small and agile team on a mission to improve the lives of others through technology. We have a culture of teamwork, kindness, creativity and high performance and we are all united by our passion to change healthcare and eldercare specifically.

Our response to COVID-19

We have been working from home since February. All interviews, onboarding and work will be done online for the foreseeable future. Since our company is split across Tokyo and San Fransisco, all our meetings were already being held online.

About the position

We are looking for a Hardware/Field Applications Engineer to join our hardware team. In this role, you will have the responsibility of growing our hardware operations, balancing current needs with future features. You will be the technical point of contact for customers, providing support in-person or remotely. As the ears on the ground with users, you will serve as the link between our development efforts, users, and partnership/sales. This is the job for you if you are looking to utilize your specialty to help in the hardware development of a user-facing product, while also being close to real users.

What You’ll Do

What You’ll Need

This position is closed and is no longer accepting applications.

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