About Treasure Data

Treasure Data is the only enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP) that harmonizes an organization’s data, insights, and engagement technology stacks to drive relevant, real-time customer experiences throughout the entire customer journey. Treasure Data helps brands give millions of customers and prospects the feeling that each is the one and only. With its ability to create true, unified views of each individual, Treasure Data CDP is central for enterprises who want to know who is ready to buy, plus when and how to drive them to convert. Flexible, tech-agnostic and infinitely scalable, Treasure Data provides fast time to value even in the most complex environments.

International from the beginning

Treasure Data was founded by Hiro Yoshikawa, Kazuki Ohta, and Sadayuki Furuhashi, three highly technical Japanese entrepreneurs. With international ambitions from the beginning, they founded the company in the Bay Area.

The company is globally distributed, with a mix of Japanese and international members. English is the official language of the company, and Japanese is only used when it is easier for people to discuss something in it. People who are currently overseas but looking to move to Japan are welcome to join.

Open Source is in our DNA

We believe in the open source community and invests in moving open source projects forward.

Over the last 15 years, we have invented an open data protocol adopted by Apple, Uber and thousands of other companies, created one of the world’s largest Hadoop user communities, and brought Linux to the Fortune 100.

We know first-hand that open source makes software more accessible, developers more connected, and the world a little smaller. We strive to give back to the community and welcome your contributions to our projects.

Our engineers have invented many open source products, including Fluentd, Embulk, Hivemall, MessagePack, Digdag, and Fluent Bit.

Fully remote

Treasure Data moved to remote-based work in March 2020 and is committed to ensuring it remains agile to accommodate shifting preferences of its workforce. While we are not working shoulder-to-shoulder, we still work side-by-side, finding unique ways to connect and create together while also respecting each other’s life priorities outside of work.

Our values

  • Humility - Greatness is achieved by overcoming obstacles. Mistakes are opportunities to improve. Knowing this, we welcome feedback from customers and colleagues while constantly striving to learn and grow
  • Openness - We embrace transparency wherever practical and reasonable. All communication must be transparent by default. We work to maximize information flow within the company and praise all those who do the same
  • Honesty - It’s easy to be honest about things you feel good about—much harder with the things you don’t. We encourage directness and sincerity in all scenarios. Admitting failure is the first step toward learning and growth. Honesty builds trust and nurtures efficient teamwork
  • Reliability - Our customers rely on our service and build their companies upon it. Likewise, we rely upon each other to build our own business. We know this, and take responsibility to be reliable for our customers and each other

About the position

We are looking for an experienced Software Engineer who is excited to work within our Platform operating group. This group is made up of teams that span a wide area, including streaming data ingestion, columnar data storage and optimization, OSS query engines like Trino (Presto) and Hive, and the multi-tenant fair scheduling that underpins it all. This combination of systems encompasses the background processing and execution of all customer actions within the Treasure Data platform.

As an Engineer on our Platform group, you will join a culturally diverse team with expertise in designing, building and operating big data pipelines at scale - billions of records daily. We also encourage partnering with cross-functional teams of engineers and product managers to drive and impact our product development and roadmap directions. As we iterate through the development process, you would work directly with our incredible customer success team, solution engineers and architects to provide recommendations and gather feedback to move our technology forward.

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