About Unscene

At Unscene, we are working hard to make sharing ideas in 3D simple for anyone. Unscene is simple and intuitive web based 3D presentation tool. Users, especially from the manufacturing industry, use Unscene to create sales and promotion materials, manuals and work instructions, all in 3D! If you haven’t already, check out these slides to learn more about us.

So far, over 500+ companies have pre-registered for Unscene. We are currently running a closed beta program with 20 companies.

We have raised 63M JPY (around 580K USD) seed round from East Ventures, GREE Ventures and Apricot Ventures. East Ventures has a successful track record of investing in start ups such as Mercari, BizReach, Base, SmartHR among others in Japan, as well as Tokopedia and Traveloka in Indonesia.

Our Values

  1. Candor:
    • Almost all information is shared openly — including our cap-table, cashflow, notes from customer interviews etc.
    • We give, as well as deal with honest feedbacks from our colleagues (even the hard ones).
    • The culture of ‘honest feedbacks’ is built on the foundation of all of us remaining humble, respectful and trusting each other’s abilities.
  2. Make something people want
    • Technology is cool, but we exist to build products that our users love and find valuable.
    • We find the most efficient and quickest ways to validate our assumptions, ideas and solutions.

Our team

Keni, Vijay and Satoshi, and a few others who contract with us as part-time.

We also have Rag as an engineering advisor.

We communicate in English

All written communication is done in English. Japanese is not required, but preferred.

Tech stack

Our current prototype is built using the following. This is likely to change as the product evolves.

  • Front-end: React.js, Bablyon.js
  • Back-end: Java, Kotlin
  • Infra: Google Cloud Platform

Our Hiring Process

  1. We will do a one hour call to get to know each other.
  2. Next, we will conduct two rounds of technical interviews, and a culture-fit interview (one hour each).
  3. After the interviews, preferably we like to work with you on a project for at least two weeks. (of course, we’d pay you for your time). Often working together for a bit is a great way to determine whether there’s a good match as future teammates and it can give you a lot of transparency.

Our response to COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 related uncertainties, we prefer to work with someone who is already here in Japan.

We usually work from our office in Shibuya. Due to COVID-19 emergency declaration in Tokyo, we offer the flexibility to work either from our office or from your home. Prototyping a product like Unscene, as well as a building a company culture requires frequent feedback and communication, which is hard to achieve remotely. After the emergency declaration is lifted, we will be working mostly from our office. You can still work remotely on one or two days a week, if you choose to.

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