About Visual Alpha

Visual Alpha was founded in late 2019 in Tokyo. We provide an innovative data service through a SaaS platform to institutional investors and asset managers, and already have great traction with it. Our full stack web applications run on AWS by using the latest JavaScript, PHP, and big data technology. The team currently has about 15 people including board directors and advisers, and is backed by many influential leaders in the finance industry, including many partners, CEOs and presidents of international firms. It is funded through 2021, and series A is planned in summer 2021. For more details, please see our Visual Alpha Introduction.

Our response to COVID-19

While we allow remote work, you’ll be expected to come into the office a few days a week.

About the position

We are currently hiring for a software architect role to lead on software architecture design, functional design, and implementation.



Required Skills

Desired Skills


React, PHP (Laravel), Mysql, ApolloClient, GraphQL, Restful API, AWS, CircleCI, Git, Github

A Day in the Life

Generally you’ll be working in “sprints”: Everyone on the dev team delivers features to our client in a 1~2 weeks sprint. We encourage developers to deliver features to our clients independently by implementing a well designed full stack solution reviewed by the team.

So your day might break down like this:

Morning: Come in around 9am, check messages, emails, arrange short, medium and long-term to-do lists. Note that under the current covid situation, we only come to office twice a week. Carry out coding, problem-solving and development. At various points you will ask for advice (or give advice). After you find a solution, you’d usually create a “change request” or “pull request” summarising changes proposed. This would probably bring you to lunch.

Afternoon: The afternoon is often when meetings are held and longer-term projects are discussed. After design discussions, you’re given a list of requirements, and then you would have to document the system design and get it reviewed.

End of Day: Wrap up work and get critical questions clarified before the end of day. Most people will leave around 5:30pm, and sometimes we have a bit after work drinks toward the weekend. We are flexible with working hours, but rather emphasizing on efficiency and quality.

This position is closed and is no longer accepting applications.

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