About Wizcorp

Wizcorp is a Tokyo-based game development company with a strong international culture. They are looking for developers to join their company, and are open to relocating developers to Tokyo.

While their main focus is centered around HTML5 games, they use and produce a wide variety of technologies and tools for multiple platforms. They take pride in technical ingenuity and excellence, and love sharing their passion for engineering in the Open Source community.

The Wizcorp culture is founded on self-management, continuous education, opportunity for everyone and transparency in management and direction. While they believe they have built successful processes over the years, they are always looking to improve how they develop products and operate as a business.

Here are some of the other benefits of working at Wizcorp:

  • Health insurance
  • Commute travel expenses
  • Visa & administrative support
  • Japanese & English language lessons
  • Additional summer/winter vacations
  • Yearly medical check-up
  • 5 days/year of paid sick leaves
  • Relaxation space filled with consoles and board games
  • A great variety of free tea and fresh water!

Wizcorp engineers are required to be proficient in English, have at least a basic level of Japanese and a willingness to learn, and be elligible to work in Japan (e.g., having a Bachelor’s degree).

About the position

With the development team, you will take part in game production. You will analyse, develop and integrate new game features, as well as evolve existing features. You will participate in maintenance and bug fixing. As well as work on continuous integration systems, server operation and releases.

Required skills

Wizcorp is looking for talented problem solvers who:

You need to have at least knowledge in object oriented programming (C++, C#, Java), Javascript, node.js, WebGL, mobile native, or Flash.

It would be also appreciated if you:

This position is closed and is no longer accepting applications.