About zig-zag

We’re running WorldShopping which enables Japanese E-Commerce sites to sell their products internationally to foreign customers by only injecting a piece of JavaScript tag into their sites. We’re supporting over 400+ Japanese EC sites like Fashion, Animaon, Hobby, etc. Delivering wonderful products throughout the world is our pleasure.

Development Team

Development team consists of some full-time and freelancers. Some of us are working at the office but most of engineers are working remotely. Our preferences on development are currently like these.

  • TypeScript
  • React
  • GraphQL
  • Serverless Framework
  • Elasticsearch
  • AWS Kinesis/Glue/Athena/QuickSight
  • Salesforce
  • CI/CD (CircleCI)
  • Scrum

We basically speak English

We basically speak in English during team meetings and pair programming. Also, tasks are managed in English. But Japanese is spoken during the meetings involving other teams like Sales, Service and etc.

Welcoming overseas candidates

If you’re a developer who is motivated to be relocated to Japan, we welcome you to apply.


  • Working permit / Visa support
  • Social insurance / Welfare pension insurance, Labor insurance
  • Annual leave
  • Expense: Transportation fee (max 30,000 yen/month), Development tools, Seminars, etc
  • Remote work

Our response to COVID-19

Basically we are working completely remotely. On rare ocassions, we have a meetup when new people join, but this is completely optional, and we don’t force anyone to join.

About the position

We’re in expanding phase, so are looking for some full-time web engineers.


You would need to pass coding test or pair programming session with us after 1st interview.

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