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Our success stories

Shankari sree

Shankari Sree

Senior Recruiter, Rapyuta Robotics

We had some very good applications from TokyoDev, and hired one very good candidate too. When it comes to hiring top talents, TokyoDev is one of our favorites.

Anton todo

Antón M. Dubra Todò

Senior Corporate Recruiter, PayPay

Paul has been working hard to create a community of developers since 2010 with TokyoDev, and we were able to see its fruits within a couple of months of working together. Additionally, the interviews he conducted with our engineers have helped potential candidates to understand our business, making his website more than a job board.

Peter doolan

Peter Doolan

Senior Recruiter, SmartNews

TokyoDev has been an invaluable ally in our search for top talent interested in our local opportunities. We were very happy with how TokyoDev’s candidates seem to have really considered the job description carefully before applying. Furthermore, they have taken the time to prepare appropriately for the interviews.

Finally, Paul has been extremely collaborative and helpful in navigating the challenges of attracting candidates. His insights into what positions to post and his speed in adding/removing roles has been exemplary.

Eri okawa

Eri Okawa

Technical Recruiter, LINE Corp.

TokyoDev has been an effective way for LINE to increase its presence among developers globally. In addition to making the actual job postings, Paul has been helpful in improving LINE’s employer brand, for example in creating testimonial interviews. Based on our experience working together, LINE highly recommends TokyoDev.

Simon robinson

Simon Robinson

People & Talent Acquisition Lead, MakeLeaps

TokyoDev has been a valuable resource for us in hiring quality engineering talent. Our job ads on the platform consistently attract qualified applicants worldwide, which has enabled us to make key hires quickly and cost-effectively. Paul does a great job of updating our ads and company profile in a timely manner, so working with him is a breeze. Whether you’re a recruiter or a developer seeking a career opportunity in Japan, definitely give TokyoDev a try!

Wil andrade

Wil Andrade

Engineering Manager, Givery

TokyoDev was an amazing tool in our search for international engineering talent. Paul has always been extremely prompt in answering any questions we had, and even helped us find the right things to say in our job postings. In just a couple of weeks we saw a huge increase in the amount of applications we received, and managed to hire two great engineers for our team. In the future there is no doubt I would use their service one more time. I have no qualms about fully recommending them to anyone hiring full-time engineers who are interested in working in Japan!

Yuka umezawa

Yuka Umezawa

HR Recruiter, Autify

TokyoDev accelerated our recruiting for engineers, and we have continuously received applications across the world. If you are a recruiter at a global company based in Japan looking for talented high-level engineers, I would highly recommend TokyoDev!

Laine takahashi

Laine Takahashi

HR / Talent Acquisition, HENNGE

TokyoDev has been one of our best sources in hiring highly skilled engineers who are interested in working in Japan. Thanks to TokyoDev we have successfully hired a number of talented engineers from countries around the world!

Paul has also been very helpful in improving our recruiting activities by giving us advice on how we can attract more candidates. Highly recommended!

Yuni nunokawa

Yuni Nunokawa

HR/Customer Solutions Engineer, Synspective

TokyoDev has been an efficient and cost-effective to find global talents who want to work in Japan. We successfully hired multiple engineers.

Paul has been very supportive. He has shown his understanding of our company’s situation and been flexible for us. I can’t thank him enough.

I’ve already recommended Tokyo Dev to my friend’s company. You should definitely try his service!

Alvin chan

Alvin Chan

Talent Acquisition, WOVN

Tokyo Dev has been one of the best sources for us to hire excellent talent internationally. The service is very affordable and cost-effective. We have successfully hired a number of outstanding engineers and believe we will continue doing so. Also, Paul gave us so much support and advice in screening engineers effectively. I highly recommend Tokyo Dev to any company that is looking to hire top talents!

Richard ramsden

Richard Ramsden

CTO, Degica

TokyoDev gives us high quality applications.

We’ve tried other boards like LinkedIn and StackOverflow but quality is always low since candidates tend to mass apply on the larger channels. Some don’t read your job posting which leads to wasted time reviewing applicants.

TokyoDev differentiates here by delivering a tailored experience for both the job-seeker and employer. Paul works with you from day one to help improve and promote your posting through his community of international developers. Applications we receive are almost always a perfect fit. Highly recommended.

Akira yokokawa

Akira Yokokawa

Server-side Team Leader, SpeakBUDDY

We have spent so much time, money and effort on other recruitment platforms and agents, but nothing has really worked so far. We believe Tokyo Dev is the best source to reach out to a bunch of skillful and passionate developers. SpeakBUDDY just found a great engineer through this list within a couple of weeks which is considered as a very short recruitment period for small startup like us. If you would like to hire great talents, we highly recommend Tokyo Dev.


Haley Koike

Engineering Manager, Crowd Cast

Tokyo Dev has been our best source for finding English speaking engineering talent in or wanting to work in Japan. As a small startup, other recruiting services and platforms have been either too expensive, too time consuming to administer, or simply do not deliver the necessary recruiting results. Tokyo Dev delivers on all three. It’s affordable, takes no time, and delivers recruiting results. Highly recommended for any Japanese startup looking for English engineering talent.


Ryoma Machida

Representative Director, zens

We have used Paul’s mailing list to successfully hire a great engineer who matched our company culture and technical requirements. I’m always impressed with how Paul helps us to create interesting and easy to understand job posting. His knowledge for “hiring foreign engineer as a startup” is amazing and I’m very keen to work with him over and over as we grow the engineering team.

Hiroki kudo

Hiroki Kudo

Representative Director, MerryBiz

Through Paul’s email list, MerryBiz has found a great engineer. Someone who was not just very highly skilled but with the will to relocate to Tokyo. We are very thankful to Paul in providing this wonderful chance! We had originally got more than 20 candidates with a wide variety of backgrounds and nice diversity. It was very tough to figure who would be the best fit but we are quite happy with who we chose.


Aki Saarinen

Representative Director, Reaktor Japan

Reaktor just found an amazing developer via this list. I’m really glad for this community Paul is building, keep it coming!