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Hire developers in Japan

Opportunities that are open to non-fluent Japanese speakers are pretty rare in Japan. There are some really talented developers out there who are either already in Japan and looking to change jobs, or are wanting an chance to come here, but they just can't find the right opportunity for them.

I know, because they keep coming to me. I've built up a mailing list with over five thousand international developers looking for work in Japan, and when companies have posted to it, they've had great success: over 50% of postings result in a job offer.

Want to try it out? Here's how it works.

  1. Send me an email at with the job description of the developer you want to hire.
  2. I'll send you a draft of what I plan to send to the list.
  3. Upon your approval, I send the email to the list, directing people to apply by emailing
  4. Any applications sent to that email are automatically forwarded to an email address of your choosing.
  5. You only pay for the posting if you successfully hire a developer because of it, so there's no risk to you.

This procedure isn't set in stone, so if you have a different way you want to do things, let's talk.

Success stories

Tokyo Dev has been our best source for finding English speaking engineering talent in or wanting to work in Japan. As a small startup, other recruiting services and platforms have been either too expensive, too time consuming to administer, or simply do not deliver the necessary recruiting results. Tokyo Dev delivers on all three. It’s affordable, takes no time, and delivers recruiting results. Highly recommended for any Japanese startup looking for English engineering talent. Haley Koike, Engineering Manager, Crowd Cast
We have used Paul’s mailing list to successfully hire a great engineer who matched our company culture and technical requirements. I’m always impressed with how Paul helps us to create interesting and easy to understand job posting. His knowledge for “hiring foreign engineer as a startup” is amazing and I’m very keen to work with him over and over as we grow the engineering team. Ryoma Machida, Representative Director, Zens
Hiroki kudo
Through Paul's email list, MerryBiz has found a great engineer. Someone who was not just very highly skilled but with the will to relocate to Tokyo. We are very thankful to Paul in providing this wonderful chance! We had originally got more than 20 candidates with a wide variety of backgrounds and nice diversity. It was very tough to figure who would be the best fit but we are quite happy with who we chose. Hiroki Kudo, Representative Director, MerryBiz
Reaktor just found an amazing developer via this list. I’m really glad for this community Paul is building, keep it coming! Aki Saarinen, Representative Director, Reaktor Japan
When we were in need of highly capable developers for a multinational client project with very specific technical criteria, Paul McMahon helped us to secure the talent we needed. Not only were we able to get the right people in place on a tight timeline, but Paul's formidable network of experienced developers made it a very straightforward and simple process to find good people. It was also a nice benefit having support from Paul in reviewing our business opportunity and in putting together a clear brief for developers to be able to quickly understand the appeal of the project. Tyler Harder, Co-founder, Tsunago Consulting


Send me a email at to get started.