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About the curator

Hi, I'm Paul! Tokyo Dev started as my personal blog about life as a developer in Japan. I frequently had developers ask me about finding a job here, so I started a mailing list where I'd post opportunities for them. What started as a small side project has now helped dozens of developers get hired at companies in Japan.

Articles about working in Japan

Bilingual Events For Developers

The best way to find a job in Japan (or anywhere) is to build your own network. A great way to get started is by attending events in topics your interested in.

Many Japanese tech-related events are hosted using Doorkeeper. Japanese developers are normally welcoming of international people attending their events, so don't worry if you don't speak much Japanese.

If you aren't comfortable going to Japanese-speaking events, here are some bilingual events I recommend:

Further reading

I'm not the only person who has written about their experience working in IT in Japan. Here's some other articles I've come across on the subject.