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Frontend Developer

Hatagaya, Tokyo
This position is closed and is no longer accepting applications.

About CarPrice

In Japan, its hard to sell a used car for a good price. Part of the reason why is that though the most popular way to sell used cars is through an auto auction, individuals themselves are prohibited by law from participating. Because of this, to participate in an auction, you need to go through a middleman.

CarPrice eliminates this middleman by conducting an online auction directly between the individual car seller and used car dealerships. By doing this, sellers will typically get 15% to 25% more for their car.

CarPrice was originally launched in Russia, where it has had great success. The Japanese office operates largely independently, as they've needed to tailor the business from the ground up to the unique challenges of the domestic market.

The development team is international, the primary language being English, and they are looking for Frontend, Backend, and iOS developers to join their team. In the case of an exceptional match, they're open to overseas developers looking to relocate to Japan.

The team uses Scrum with one week sprints, which start on Wednesday. After the IT director and product manager decide the priorities for a given sprint, the entire development team participates in a sprint planning meeting. The engineers clarify business goals and estimate the difficulties of the tasks.

Developers spend most of their time coding, but as the product manager sits with the developers, its easy to ask questions if things aren't clear. There's also a person dedicated to handling IT support and bug fix requests so that developers can focus on developing the product without distractions.

After a task has been completed, the developer creates a pull request. Once the code has been reviewed by another developer, the QA specialist will also review it, and after passing QA it will be merged into a release branch.

Every Tuesday, all the features developed during the sprint are deployed. They're working towards continuous deployment, but aren't quite their yet. After deployment, the sprint ends, and the cycle begins once more.

About the position

As a frontend developer, you'll work directly with the stakeholders to uncover their needs, and develop new products accordingly. You'll be responsible for the overall UX, along with designing and implementing the UI itself.

You should have professional experience developing single-page applications (e.g., using vue.js, React, etc) as part of team. Any backend experience is a bonus, as is the ability to speak Japanese or Russian.

Application instructions

This position is closed and is no longer accepting applications.

To apply send an email to Include a resume, a description of why you're a match (be as specific as possible), and anything that demonstrates your ability as a developer (e.g., open source projects, code samples, technical articles, presentations, etc.).