About Mercari

Mercari is a marketplace app that makes it easy for people to safely sell and ship their things. Having been downloaded over 100 million times, it is now among the largest peer-to-peer selling platforms globally.

Though we have over 1,800 employees, we still have a startup culture, where we encourage people to come up with big, crazy ideas, and to not be afraid of failure. Because the company is rapidly growing, you can set your own path, and there is enough transparency to allow our members to do so. For instance, at our all-hands meetings, every single member is encouraged to ask questions directly to our executive team.

We're a Japanese company, but are building a global work culture, and so we provide a great opportunity to experience a blend of Japanese and international culture. We relocate developers from around the world to join our team, and provide translation and interpretation to smooth communication between members.

We want our employees to be able to give 100% both inside and outside of the office, and our benefits reflect this. These include providing language education, financial support for childcare, and allowing you to pursue paid side gigs outside of working with us.

About the position

Mercari is promoting the construction of Mercari Web in order to respond to diversifying usage scenes.

We plan and operate the largest web service in Japan in order to improve the experience value while maximizing the contact point between customers and Mercari.

In addition to web engineering skills and knowledge, we are looking for planning ability to find out the “funny!” Seeds from trends and customer needs.

If you are confident in the planning and execution of bold ideas with the high technology members who are gathering at Mercari, why not take a challenge to change the world's values together?



This position is closed and is no longer accepting applications.

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