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iOS Mobile Developer

Akasaka, Tokyo
This position is closed and is no longer accepting applications.

About Nanameue

Nanameue is a Tokyo-based startup looking to hire Ruby on Rails developers, Android developers, and iOS developers. A core part of their hiring strategy is relocating international developers to Japan, so even if you're not based here yet, they're happy to consider you.

Their team is young, with the average age being 26, and international, with half their development team being non-Japanese, hailing from places such as Thailand, Taiwan, US, and France. Because of their global outlook, the official language is English, and many of their developers do not even speak Japanese.


For intermediate level developers, the annual salary ranges from 4,800,000 to 6,800,000 JPY. For senior level developers, it ranges from 6,800,000 to 9,000,000 JPY.

Additionally, you'll be eligible for a bonus depending on company performance.


  • Re-location assistance to help you start your life in Tokyo including airfare to Tokyo and a week's accommodation in an Airbnb while you search for your dream house.
  • Any gear you want, such as a Mac Book Pro, a large screen, and a good chair of your choice
  • Free snacks, fresh fruits, and drinks
  • Free lunch every Tuesday while they hold a company gathering where you can listen to others presentations
  • Train fare, or alternatively, if you live near the office, ¥20,000 monthly towards your housing.
  • Company will pay for 50% of your new mobile device every year
  • They will help pay for books, language courses, fitness memberships, conference tickets, and even paid apps

About the position

With more than 30 million installations of Nanameue's applications, you'll have fun improving and creating apps that a lot of people love to use. Moreover, you will have a chance to help train their junior developers to be better and create even better products. Their team is small yet highly performing, and with their high attention to detail, they can keep pushing out more products and delivering value to their users tirelessly.

Your responsibilities will include (but not be limited to):

  • Develop mobile applications (iOS using Objective-C and Swift)
  • Develop test specs and approach for the application
  • Involve management and business in product development process
  • Fix any issues that may arise that are tracked by error management tools such as Fabric
  • Code review and growing junior developers
  • Help contribute and create best practices for the team
  • Consult the CEO and CTO on application implementation design

Minimum Qualifications

To be considered for this position, you should meet about 70% of the following.

  • 3 years of object-oriented software development experience
  • 3 years building applications for iOS devices (Able to use both Objective-C and Swift)
  • Experience designing a clean and maintainable codebase
  • Experience with multithreading programming
  • Experience writing unit tests and testable code
  • Knowledge of iOS SDK performance tools and optimization techniques
  • Good knowledge of Git version control system

Preferable Skills

  • Japanese or Thai language ability
  • Good Android coding skills. If you can code both iOS and Android, you'll be considered first.

Application instructions

This position is closed and is no longer accepting applications.

Send an email to with the subject "iOS Mobile Developer", attaching your resume, and describing how you're match.

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