Developer Jobs in Japan

Ruby on Rails Developer

Fujisawa, Kanagawa

About the position

Reallyenglish has been providing English language teaching online since 1999. They’ve build up a strong business through focusing on B2B partnerships, and now looking to bring their platform to the non-English e-Learning market. Their development team is already international, having American, British, Mongolian, and Japanese members, and communicate internally in English, so no Japanese ability is required. They’re also open to hiring developers who aren’t based in Japan yet, but are looking to relocate here.

Unlike most tech companies, their development office is located in Fujisawa, just outside of Tokyo. This is an idea location if you want to avoid a hectic commute and have great access to nearby beaches, nature, and the historic town of Kamakura, while still just being a 45 minutes train ride to central Tokyo.

The development itself is done using the agile development process Scrum, and they also use other agile techniques like pair programming. They also are active members in the open source community, making contributions themselves, and sponsoring developer events (such as Tokyo Rubyist Meetup which I organise).

For their product, they use Ruby on Rails 5.1 for the backend and PostgreSQL as a database. For hosting, they use Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with Kubernetes.


Experience developing using Ruby on Rails (be it professionally or through things like open source contributions).

Bonus skills

  • Cloud hosting related technologies (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes, GCP, AWS).
  • Server management tools like Ansible.
  • Engineering for heavy load.
  • UI design grounded in UX principles.
  • Open source experience.
  • Experience with developing the front-end using vanilla JavaScript (ES6/ES2015).
  • Experience using JavaScript frameworks/libraries, such as jQuery, Angular, ReactJS and VueJS.
  • Experience in forking or creating CSS frameworks and using CSS pre processors such as SCSS, LESS, Bootstrap and Foundation.

Application instructions

Send an email to explaining why you're a match, along with a LinkedIn profile or resume demonstrating your relevant experience.