Developer Jobs in Japan

Senior Node.js Developer

Roppongi, Tokyo

About the position

Zehitomo helps people in Japan hire local service professionals. They're looking for a Senior Web Developer to join their office in Tokyo, and are open to relocating you if you don't live here yet.

While they are focused on the Japanese market, the culture and working-style is international, with the cofounders being American, and team members coming from around the world. Within the development team, English is used for communication, so Japanese ability isn't strictly required (though there will be plenty of opportunity to use Japanese should you wish to).

Rather than micromanaging, Zehitomo encourages their developers to take initiative on their own. While their developers love technology, they believe that ultimately the customer comes first. The company develops software in an Agile manner, using data to drive their decisions and putting an emphasis on direct communication between developers and non-technical employees. Rather than focusing only on the raw ability of their employees, they've built a team of considerate people who work together to meet their goals.

As for the technology Zehitomo is using, the frontend is a React app, while the backend is an Express app backed by MongoDB and deployed on AWS.

For this position, you should be a seasoned web developer that's already experienced with their stack (so having production experience with a Node.js app and a SPA framework like React or Angular), but also comfortable with diving into new web frameworks in other languages.

In addition, let them know about your experience with any of the following: writing testable code, debugging and profiling tools, web security, code review, refactoring/migrating a large project, real-time SPAs using websockets, deploying and scaling cloud infrastructure, deep learning, AI systems, or SEO.

Application instructions

To apply for this job, send a mail to with a description of your relevant experience plus a resume as an attachment.