About Spider Labs

Spider ‎‎AF is an ad fraud countermeasure tool. We support ad networks, advertisers, and agencies. We have many happy customers across the digital advertising industry.

Flexible and relaxed work environment

We do not believe in micro management. We highly value independent productivity, so you can do your work however you see as fit! As a team, we will think about the process and framework of achieving our goals together, and the independent tasks you are assigned can be completed however you choose to work on them. Our corporate culture ultimately is about doing what we need to do, and going home early. Working long hours is not a virtue here, we focus on quality over quantity.

The average age of our employees is the early 30’s. Since everyone’s age is close, everyone can talk to each other earnestly and freely. We have no dress code, so clothing, hairstyles, nails, and makeup are completely up to you!


Our diverse office is made up of many different nationalities, and we have offices in both Tokyo and Lisbon. We don’t require any Japanese abilities, and welcome overseas candidates looking to relocate to Tokyo (or Lisbon).

Family friendly

Our CEO has 2 kids of her own, along with many other company members having young families. There is a deep understanding for raising children as well as quality time with family. We have paid parental leave, and many events where children are more than welcome to participate.

Our response to COVID-19

During the state of emergency, we come to the office in shifts, so the sales team might come one day, and the customer support another.

We require employees to come to the office at least one day per week, and offer the option to work remotely on other days.

About the position

The Spider Labs’ research and development activities cover developing technology and insights that ensures Spider Labs stays relevant in the medium to long-term (3-10 years). This involves leading technology change that impacts the whole industry. The solutions developed saves our clients multiple millions of dollars in fraud and prevents abuse on their services.

As an R&D Engineer, you will be responsible for pushing the state of the art, conducting investigations, creating and validating prototypes, and developing technology that can be used in high-throughput real time web environments.


Nice to have

While not required, tell us if you have experience with any of the following.

This position is closed and is no longer accepting applications.

Meet Spider Labs's Developers

Using the Elixir programming language to fight crime

with Eurico Doirado

Eurico is the CTO of Spider Labs, whose ad fraud detection tool handles billions of requests and terabytes of data on a daily basis. The Elixir programming language has been instrumental in helping them reach this scale.

Read his story...

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