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by Paul McMahon

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Hi, I'm Paul

I'm a developer and entrepreneur living in Tokyo, where I'm currently bootstrapping Doorkeeper.

In 2006, I came to Tokyo on the working holiday visa program. Soon after, I found a job as a Ruby developer at a Japanese startup.

With two colleagues from that company, I left to found Mobalean in 2009. Using our knowledge about the Japanese mobile ecosystem we picked up at our previous company, we consulted for international companies who wanted to expand their mobile presence in Japan.

After RubyKaigi 2010, I founded Tokyo Rubyist Meetup in response to a demand for more collaboration between international and Japanese Rubyists. Since then, I've become very active in tech and startup related events in Japan, attending an average of an event per week.

While at mobalean, what started out as a side-project became Doorkeeper. Since it's been experiencing rapid growth, I spun it out into a separate company, Doorkeeper Inc in June 2013, and have left mobalean to work on Doorkeeper full time.

On the side, I'm writing this blog, where in response to readers' questions, I often talk about how to find a job as a developer in Japan.

If you have any questions about developer life in Japan, please post them to our discussion board. For anything of a more personal nature, feel free to contact me at

You can also follow me as @pwim on Twitter, and check out my GitHub account.