Sustainable and innovative solutions with AI.

Founded in 2020, Recursive is an AI consulting company based in Japan working with AI technology to develop innovative, sustainable solutions to the environmental and societal challenges the world faces today.

Build a Fairer, more Sustainable Society with AI

At Recursive, our goal is to collaborate with large enterprises to create innovative solutions to sustainability challenges, merging in our expertise in AI research and our client’s domain knowledge. We want to make ethics a priority concern during development, and we are invested in making sure AI is used in a fair and balanced way. Our development projects focus around the main themes of improving efficiency, accelerating innovation, risk mitigation and better work and education.

We are now looking to grow and expand our impact further, building on previous successes. One of many initiatives we are currently pursuing is a system to optimize irrigation of peatlands in Indonesia, helping to prevent forest fires and maximize carbon absorption. Learn more about this project by watching our presentation at the Google Cloud for Sustainability event. In addition to our client projects, we actively maintain and enhance our own products, such as FindFlow and Borealis.

Join a growing startup

As an early employee in a growing startup, you’ll have the chance to take on real responsibilities, and tackle challenging and interesting problems that will give plenty of opportunities to develop new skills.

Work with an diverse team

Innovation is born from different values and perspectives. To work with the best people in the world, Recursive removes the filter of nationality, gender, or age, and respects diversity in all aspects of thinking and areas of expertise.


Remote Work
  • Work 1-2 days per week from the office
  • Depending on your seniority and skillset, you might be able to be fully remote within Japan. In principle though, you’ll be expected to work out of our Tokyo office on certain days based on the projects.
  • 20 days per year of paid time
  • 5 days sick leave
  • Weekends, national holidays, and company holidays at the end of the year
Working Hours
  • 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week (with a 1 hour break per day)
  • Full flex time without core hours

Open Jobs at Recursive

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