Global payments made simple.

KOMOJU (by Degica) is the leading cross-border payment gateway for Japan. We power payments for companies like video game distribution platform Steam and the popular mobile app TikTok. Today we help thousands of merchants by providing them with the payment infrastructure they need through developer-friendly API’s to integrations on popular platforms like Shopify and Wix; we help our merchants grow in all markets they are expanding.

Developer-centric, flat, inclusive culture

You will work with other engineers in a flat and inclusive culture where engineers have a say in both product and technical decisions. The culture is largely self-organizing, which means engineers have both a stake and ownership in what they work on. Engineers play to their strengths, but are also able to invest in areas where they want to grow within the team. At KOMOJU, you are the main driver behind your growth and position in the company.

International at our core

Our founder is Canadian, and about 50% of our employees are non-Japanese. In the engineering team, we use English as our common language, and throughout the company, many people are bilingual. Being an international company we know the importance of bilingualism. We offer all employees a choice between English and Japanese lessons.

Passionate about technology

Developers at KOMOJU are passionate about their craft. To foster innovation, we have a monthly open hack day, where you can work on whatever you want. It could be something like trying a new programming language or tool, but sometimes developers create totally new tools, which become adopted by the company.

An example of this is Kaiser, a Docker Compose like tool that’s specifically focused on Ruby on Rails applications. When you’re using Docker Compose for running Rails applications, particularly those using microservices, it can get quite complicated, and require you to write a ton on YAML. But Kaiser makes it super simple to run such Rails applications.


Remote Work

KOMOJU has embraced remote work, and you can work fully remote from anywhere. We still have an office which you can use if you’d like to, but we don’t mandate you coming to it. This extends to you working from outside of Japan.


In addition to your regular holidays (10 days of annual leave), you’ll get an extra paid holiday on your birthday, an additional week of vacation in the summer, and one week during the New Year.

Working Hours

You’ll be able to choose your own hours, so long as you work within the core hours (10:00-15:00 JST). When you’re working outside of Japan, we offer some additional flexibility, but are still looking for some overlap with Japanese business hours.

Relocation Support

You’ll have the option to work from your own country, or if you’d like to relocate here, we will help you get set up in Japan, including arranging temporary accommodation for you, and helping you to secure a permanent residence.

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