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Last updated on September 29 2023

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Insights from Android Developers in Japan

    Photo of Adrian Mariadas

    Refactoring PayPay’s Android App

    with Adrian Mariadas

    Adrian came to Japan to join PayPay as an Android Engineer. As the app has grown in scope, refactoring the codebase to ensure development can continue at a rapid pace has been a big part of his job.

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    Photo of Javier Blanco

    Developer culture at Drivemode

    with Javier Blanco

    Javier Blanco talks about what it’s like being an Android developer at Drivemode, including the international culture, flexible environment, and the ability to shape the direction of the product.

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    Photo of Tompee Balauag

    Hacking Android at Drivemode

    with Tompee Balauag

    Tompee Balauag describes what it’s like to work as an Android developer at Drivemode, where he and the other developers regularly push the limits of Android devices.

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