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    Photo of Nicole Wong

    Becoming a Tech Lead at KOMOJU

    with Nicole Wong

    Nicole joined KOMOJU in 2020, and worked her way up to be technical lead of the merchant management team. She shares her journey, how KOMOJU supported her career growth and how the company is adapting to its growing needs.

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    Photo of Luis Torres

    How RESTAR's engineers grow together

    with Luis Torres

    Two years after graduating from university, Luis joined RESTAR as a full stack developer. He shares his experience working there, and talks about the company's culture of growing together as a team.

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Photo of Paul McMahon

Hi, I'm Paul McMahon.

TokyoDev started off with me writing about my own experiences being a developer in Tokyo. As other international developers asked me questions about working here, I wrote articles to answer them. Now TokyoDev has evolved into a site dedicated to helping international developers start and grow their career in Japan.

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