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Custom solutions for e-commerce businesses.

At Lunaris, we’re focused on offering custom Shopify solutions to e-commerce businesses – we started out with an otaku-centric online shop (that’s now over a decade old!) so e-commerce is near and dear to our hearts. And if you have a passion for anime, gaming, or Japanese pop culture in general, you’ll definitely find a like-minded team in us!

Our passion extends beyond our hobbies, however – we’re a team of self-starters who are driven by results and thrive on new challenges. This also means that we don’t have time for corporate hierarchy or politics, since what you contribute matters the most. If that sounds good to you – then, we hope you’ll join!

Wear whatever you’d like!

We want you to be as comfortable working at the office as you would be working from your living room.

Create a remote-work schedule

Want to sometimes skip the stuffy commute and tackle those deadlines from the comfort of your home office? Just ask, and you can create a remote-work schedule once you feel comfortable working more autonomously

Enjoy the Kichijoji area

On the days you do come to the office, you can enjoy the numerous shops and restaurants in the popular Kichijoji area. Our office is only a 5-minute walk from the station!

Relax in our lounge

After a long day, you can join some of our team members in kicking back and relaxing in our office’s lounge area. Chill out on our big (and very comfy) couch, throw back some beers and snacks, and play some games!

Complimentary weekly massage

Even when faced with a particularly pick-and-shovel project, your stress will practically melt away with a complimentary weekly massage!

No overtime and flexible schedule

Your work-life balance is just as important to us as it is to you – that’s why you never have to stay late for overtime and can set your own schedule with our flex hours.

Our Response to COVID-19

While we can offer remote work down-the-line, the initial training and trial phase will be at our office in Kichijoji, Tokyo. Most of our vaccinated team members come to the office, but we do have some who work entirely remotely.

Open Jobs at Lunaris