Developer Jobs in Japan

Software Developer

Orb, Inc
Akasaka, Tokyo

About the position

Orb, Inc is a Tokyo-based startup that offers a platform for sharing data, transaction logic, and workflows using distributed ledger technology. To date, they've raised approximately $5M USD, and their customers include SBI Group, one of Japan's leading Financial Services companies.

They're looking for software engineers to join their small international team. Although they don't require any Japanese ability, they are looking for developers who are already based in Japan.

As a company, they believe in hiring smart people and getting out of their way. They keep meetings to a minimum and focus their efforts on innovative product development and market adaptation.

Should you join Orb, you'll have the opportunity to jump between many different roles. For example, you might work tasks as diverse as enhancing their distributed transaction layer, building applications that integrate into their customer processes, and improving the SDK for their customers to use in their own applications.

If you have strong experience in any of the following, Orb would love to talk with you:

  • Multithreading, network programming, and connection pooling
  • UNIX systems programming
  • Distributed systems
  • Database internals

Any of the following are also nice to haves:

  • DLT and Blockchain experience, such as HyperLedger fabric, Ethereum, or Corda
  • Finance or insurance industry experience
  • Distributed database system experience, such as with Cassandra
  • Parallel data processing system experience, such as Spark or Hadoop
  • Performance analysis and/or performance optimization experience
  • A passion to "engineer" the development cycle (e.g., writing, reviewing, testing), making it faster and more reliable
  • Understanding of computer science fundamentals such as algorithms and data structures

Application instructions

To apply to Orb, send them an email at, describing your relevant experience in the above, and attach a resume.