Understand what motivates your team.

A psychology-powered platform with a sprinkling of AI, Attuned helps companies understand what really motivates their employees, making unseen values visible and giving managers at-a-glance insights into their teams’ motivators, blindspots and motivational gaps. Using a 55-question motivation assessment to get to the heart of what drives each individual, Attuned makes it easy to manage teams more effectively—and empathetically—helping businesses to personalize the work experience, retain top talent, create a psychologically safe environment, and boost performance, resulting in happier organizations and making work more meaningful.

Focus on self-enablement

Our developers frequently look into various new technologies, driving their own learning. We then discuss the of pros and cons of them, and are not afraid to make changes as needed.

Startup atmosphere

We have a flat organization where you can speak freely and work with autonomy.

Chance to make a deep impact on a business with global potential

We’re a startup in an expanding market addressing things like engagement, turnover, and psychological safety, so there are plenty of opportunities to make a positive impact on society. We already have both Japanese and global customers, so you’ll be able to see this impact both domestically and internationally.


Remote Work
  • Remote with occasional office visits (about once per month)
  • For this position, you can live anywhere in Japan that makes this feasible (one member lives in Nagano and another in Sendai for instance)
  • Twenty days total of statutory and special annual leave after three months
  • Five days of sick leave within one year of the start date.
Working Hours
  • Standard business working hours are 8 hours per day with one (1) hour break time.
  • Under the Company’s flextime system, the employee shall be able to work between 5:00am to 10:00pm and set their own schedule outside of core hours.
  • The flextime system calculation period shall be from the first day to the final day of every month and the number of hours worked for a calculation period shall be 8 hours multiplied by the required number of work days in the calculation period.

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